January 15, 2010


So we had a fabulous day off today and packed in fun times…Starting with oysters and riesling! There were cranky punters who missed out on this goodness… Our VJ Svenja Kratz was not one of them…

They were serious about this business… we had to take notes!

But worth it…

And so in preparation for Saturday night’s performance we decided it was war… with the beanbags… Many time during the festival I enjoyed their comfortable lure, finding myself foregoing the pleasures of the dancefloor lest I lose my pink pillow. So Svenja decided she was going to make animation helping the beanbag move way to a pumping dancefloor… Clear a space for the dance peeps!  Or else this could happen to you…

Luckily the white wall of the Christian Boltanski installation provided the perfect backdrop for Svenja’s demonstration of how to move beyond the lure of the giant pink pillow!

So Friday night featured the amazing performance of Cat Hope…Wolf at Harp… Hope composed a visual score interpreted by four drummer/percussionists… Amazing…

John has already been pulled into the luscious form of the pink beanbag… beware!!!

Unfortunately, upon recommendations from both band members, Svenja stuffed tissue into her ears to reduce cochlea damage.  There was a slight misunderstanding about the appropriate size of how big one should fashion a tissue (clean!!!) earplug, resulting in a tissue ball getting lodged in her ear canal and subsequently putting her in a very bad mood for 15 minutes until Michelle managed to rescue the tissue and restore Svenja’s good mood.

The night was a bit of a bean bag bliss out…

Next up we watched the amazing Decoder Ring in all their serious gloriousness…

And of course followed it up with more amazing Tasmanian Pinot Noir…


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