January 7, 2010



So after 4 hours sleep last night… an inflight movie starring Bruce Willis… a few beers and a stopover in Melbourne.  We’re here.

Before we go any further people, it must be said.  Blogs can be wretchedly boring.  No offense to those who partake in the blog space.  But one must be realistic… Do you really want to know about the inane details of our day? Nah. Pretty unlikely…

So why keep a blog…. Well I guess we’re about to find out!!!!

Either this gets interesting or I’m pulling the plug on this narcissistic word workout.  Or realistically I’m only writing it for my mother.

So.. Day 1

My idea was to read my book and finish the chapter on Socrates on the plane, but delirious reading of ancient greek philosophy was eclipsed by an unknown inflight sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis.  I’ll never know if that movie was any good.. too delirious to tell. Oh well, perhaps it’s better this way.  I understand the premise of the Virgin Blue inflight entertainment charges and their “try before you buy” Foxtel sampler… I also recall their UKTV channel playing old episodes of The Bill (actually they could be new but I wouldn’t know..). I just have to wonder, how may people actually tune into this channel and decide “YES! THE BILL! Take my credit card details and withdraw my money so I can regale in this long running British police procedural television series! I can think of no better way to spend my flight time”. (No offense to any avid watchers of The Bill.)

So arrived in Hobart and was met by a lovely artist called Skye who was as lovely and cool as the weather and generously drove us around on a little mini tour of the area. After checking in, we met up with Chloe Goodyear, the Executive Director of the MONA FOMA festival.  Apart from being fucking rad, she also booked us for this gig.  Whilst I am tempted to sing her praises just for this, the reality remains intact that she is cool whether or not she likes my electronica band or not. May mean nothing to those who’ve never met her.. but there are those women that you meet that are just fucking cool. And fun!

Have walked past the main festival warehouse venue we’ll be playing at.. Prince of Wales Wharf. PW1… A gorgeous big old warehouse I’m dying to see inside… trying to keep calm… can’t wait to get on that stage…

So please feel free to vote as to whether or not this blogging business should continue.  We will have photos! Coming soon!

Arigato Gozaimus


Edge of Colour

And so I will be graceful now and send thanks out to the peeps who generously write supportively to us whether by text, facebook, email or phone.  You are all very special and thanks. Thanks mum!

Gross, ultimate fighting is on the hotel cable channel and there’s blood in the ring! Wrong. I guess there’s no accounting for taste when it comes to entertainment… At least they’re not playing that doof doof shit.


…And so here is the view of the wharf and the warehouse… A long, long , long warehouse that will be housing a big big party from the 8th of January…



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